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My new picture book will knock you out!

07/31/22 7:16 PM

I’m very excited to share my new picture book, “Night-night, Body” with the about-to-be-sleepy world. It’s written by me and illustrated by my super-good friend and brilliantly-talented and fun friend, Pete Gergely.

In my humble opinion (and that of many reviewers) it may be the best going-to-bed book in a generation, combining my gently-rolling rhymes with Pete Gergely’s smilingly-delicious watercolors, to take you, reader and listener, and your tired body parts, on a very sleepy trip around the world, ending in the inner-outer space of dreamland, whether you like it or not.

This treasure of a book includes fun questions at the end, designed to extend discussions (the next morning, of course). Pete and I also have a fun website ( where you can learn about bedtime habits around the world, and the importance of sleep, including tips for parents.

Night-night, Body will quickly become your go-to bedtime book. It may just be the best going-to-bed book since, well, forever. Destined to be a classic.

Here’s the link (below) to purchase the book, or (even better!) ask your local independent bookseller to get it for you!

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