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I happen to strongly believe—and I’ll bet that you might just agree with me—that poems need to be heard with your ears, not just read with your eyes. When I hustle home a new book of poems from my local library, I absolutely have to read each one aloud, so that I can hear, and delight in, the music of the words—enjoying the way those words and rhythms play and laugh with each other.

I’m very lucky to have seven cousins, from all over the galaxy, all of whom agree with me (mostly). So, the eight of us have decided to step up and record some of my poems for you to enjoy here on the website. At least we hope that you enjoy them.

So, sit back and put your feet up (unless you are at school, or sitting on your mother’s favorite white sofa right now), and ‘take a listen’ to me and my mostly-enthusiastic cousins. (Reggie and Guy may not look or sound particularly enthusiastic, but they are as excited as they can get.)

Let us know which poems and which readers you enjoy the best. I promise to keep your opinions to myself so that certain cousins don’t get big heads, or get too disappointed. Most of these guys are better readers than I am, so I’ll understand if you like them better than me.

Hey, we all bring our special gifts to the reading of poems, after all.



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