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Here’s a short/press release for Ted, a list of most of his published work, and also a downloadable photo. If you need additional information, please don’t hesitate to contact Ted. Thanks!

A Not-Too-Standard Press Release (Feel free to cut and paste, as needed)

“Poetryguy” Coming to the Bobblesnort Elementary School

The young writers at the Bobblesnort Elementary School in Burpville will be fastening their seatbelts, loosening up their ‘laughers,’ and sharpening their poetic pencils in anticipation of a visit by Vermont children’s poet Ted Scheu for a three-day residency, May 14-16, 2012.

Scheu, a nationally-known children’s writer, will zoom down from Vermont to work with the BES students for three fun and productive days of writing and laughing.

Ted Scheu’s own poems, published in over two dozen anthologies and poetry collections in the US and UK, are borne of his childhood memories, as well as from his experience as an elementary teacher and parent. “I try to capture in my poems the silliness and sadness, the worries and the wonders of being a kid–whether it’s school life, or the surprising things that happen at home and with friends,” said Scheu recently. “My goal in my own writing, and especially in my teaching, is to help kids find their own voices. Poetry is the best way I’ve found to get kids revved up about their writing.  Its simple format and easy emotional connections seem to open hearts and get pencils dancing.”

Scheu, (pronounced “shy”), 60, travels all over the world as a visiting author.  His published works include his own collections—“Getting the Best of Me,” “I Tickled My Teachers,” “I Froze My Mother and Other Seriously Funny Family Poems,” “Now I Know My ZBCs,” and “I Threw My Brother Out,” (all from Young Poets’ Press, VT), as well as many popular US anthologies including, ”I Invited a Dragon to Dinner” by Philomel, NY (2002), and several anthologies from Meadowbrook Press, MN. In the UK, Ted’s funny verses are published by Macmillan Children’s Books, Hodder, and Scholastic. Information about Scheu’s work may also be found at his web site at

If you are anywhere near the Bobblesnort Elementary School in mid-May, you may hear the quietly-happy sounds of great poets at work.  And, if you’re really lucky, you might see and hear some sparking-fresh, heart-opening verse being shared by the kids.


A Pretty-Complete List of Ted Scheu’s Published Work (As of June 2012, Newest First)


  1. “Getting the Best of Me – 90 Favorite School & Family Poems,” Young Poets’ Press (2013)
  2. “Now I Know My ZBCs, 59 School Poems for Young Gigglers,” Young Poets’ Press, (2011)
  3.  “I Threw My Brother Out, A Laughable Lineup of Sports Poems,Young Poets’ Press, (2009)
  4. “I Tickled My Teachers, 58 Hilariously Heartful School Poems,” Young Poets’ Press, (2009) (2nd Ed.), Cold Tree Press, (2007)
  5. “I Froze My Mother and Other Seriously Funny Family Poems,” Young Poets’ Press, (2009) (2nd Ed.), Cold Tree Press (2007)
  6.  “Warning, Don’t Eat More Than Three.” CD (2001) Family and school poems.

Anthologies – US

  1. “The Friday Poetry Anthology for Middle School,” Pomelo Books, (2013)
  2. “What I Did on My Summer Vacation,” Meadowbrook Press, MN, (2009)
  3. “I Hope I Don’t Strike Out,” Meadowbrook Press, MN, (2008)
  4. “My Teacher’s in Detention,” Meadowbrook Press, MN, (2006)
  5. “If I Ran the School,” Scholastic, NY (2005)
  6. “If Kids Ruled the School,” Meadowbrook Press, MN, (2004)
  7. “Rolling in the Aisles,” Meadowbrook Press, MN, (2004)
  8.  “Miles of Smiles,” Meadowbrook Press, MN, (2004)
  9. “I Invited a Dragon to Dinner,” Philomel/PP Books, NY (2002)

Anthologies – UK

  1. “When Granny Won Olympic Gold,” A&C Black/Bloomsbury, UK (2012)
  2. “The World at Our Feet,” Macmillan Children’s Books, UK (2010)
  3.  “How to Embarrass Teachers,” Macmillan Children’s Books, UK (2006)
  4. “Funny Poems for Christmas,” Scholastic Books Ltd, UK (2004).
  5. “The Poetry Store,” Hodder Children’s Books, UK (2005)
  6. “Disgusting Poems,” Scholastic Books Ltd, UK (2004).
  7. “How to Embarrass Grown-Ups,” Macmillan Children’s Books, UK (2004).
  8. “The Dog Ate My Bus Pass,” Macmillan Children’s Books, UK (2004).
  9. “You’re Not Going Out Like That!” Macmillan Children’s Books, UK (2003).

Numerous other minor anthologies and periodicals.

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