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From my newest collection, “Getting The Best of Me,” I recently produced a CD–18 tracks from which I have included here for your audio enjoyment. Click on the track you’d like to hear and sit back (or stand up and dance) and enjoy!


1. Getting the Best of Me

School Poems

2. Nancy Cristman Kissed Me

3. I Love Mondays

4. Who Needs Recess?

5. The Most Embarrassing 3-Letter Word

6. Maximillian’s Mouth

7. Yo, Columbus!

8. Testing, testing, testing!

9. I’ve Brought a Guest to School Today

Home Poems

28. The Alien in Our Bathroom

29. My Mirror Really Likes Me

30. I’m Not a Morning Person

31. Why?

32. I Froze My Mother

33. I’m Not Free!

34. My New…Um…Invention

35. I Know I’m Going Somewhere

36. I Wrote Myself a Letter

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