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School Visits

Virtual School Visits

Ted Makes Skype Visits to Classrooms and Libraries!

I will happily spend up to an hour via Skype with your students (Grades K to 8).

Ideally, I’d love it to be a classroom-sized group so I can see the faces of my questioners and they can see me easily.

The very best time would be after the kids have had a chance to read and/or hear some of my poems, so they can ask interesting, relevant questions!

My Skype Sessions can take four different forms:

1. Virtual Assembly

These are very much like the rollicking assembly I would do ‘in-person’ except that I’m mostly sitting down and it’s a smaller group. These are fun, interactive dialogues, tailored to the grade(s) I’m ‘virtually-visiting’ with, and designed to fully meet your needs—those we have planned in advance. If it’s a first ‘encounter,’ I will often share my thoughts about writing and poetry, explain how poetry and I have gotten along over the years (we’ve not always been friendly), and I always share a pile of my funny, ‘heartful’ poems—including many interactive ones. We will also write a poem together on my easel, and present it to the world. I’ll leave time, always, for Q&A at the end.

2. Writing Workshop

I’d love to try to do a writing workshop on Skype, though this can be challenging since I like to post poems as models on the wall, and use my very low-tech easel a lot. But it’s worth a shot. My goal is to help children get revved up about finding their own writer’s voices in their poems, while I encourage careful word choice and close observation of themselves and their world. I’ll leave time for Q&A and sharing at the end.
Ask me to send you my workshop ‘menu’ of topic choices. At the end of each workshop, I send the kids their ‘poetic licenses’ so they can take flight.

3. Mostly Q&A

Depending on the length of our session, I can do an abbreviated assembly-type program, then leave plenty of time at the end for serious (fun) Q&A. If the kids have been prepped and have read a few of my poems, I can get into detail with them about how/why particular poems were written, and more specifically discuss the process of poem writing and revising. And how they can do the very same thing, and even send me their finished product.

4. Follow-Up

I often do a Skype session (for free!) to follow-up a visit I have recently made “in-person” to your classroom, so we can, a few weeks after our workshop, check in and share some of our lingering questions, and even share some of our poems! Yippee!

Please ask about cost, details, and date if you are interested.

You can contact me best through Skype an Author at

We’ll work with you to set the date, as well as a connection testing date beforehand. We can send you technical guidelines once we know that you’d like to proceed.

I hope to see you in person, or ‘virtually,’ sometime soon!

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