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Ted’s New Picture Book!

01/18/22 4:04 PM

On April 19th, 2022, Ted’s new, beautiful going-to-bed picture book, “Night-night, Body” hits the streets–the best bedtime book in a generation. Check it out!

Ted’s gently-rolling rhymes combine with Pete Gergely’s smilingly-delicious watercolors to take you and your tired body parts on a very sleepy trip around the world, ending in the inner-outer space of dreamland, whether you like it or not. Say “Night-night” to all your body parts, from toes to top, and travel to 15 different countries as you do.

It absolutely works for grown-ups as well as their caretaker kiddos. Give it a try. Snuggle into your cozy-wozy bed tonight and read it aloud. Every night. Softly. Not hardly. Before you know it it’s …zzzzzzzzzzzz… Night-night, body!

This treasure of a book includes fun questions at the end, designed to extend discussions (the next morning, of course), and also has a fun website ( where you can learn about bedtime habits around the world, and the importance of sleep.

Night-night, Body will quickly become your go-to bedtime book, for a long time. It’s nearly guaranteed sleep-inducing for ages 2 to 102.

Here’s what just a few sleep experts are saying about the book:

“Ted and Pete are brilliant. This book knocked me out. My best sleep in years!”

            – Prof. Timmy T. Ticklesnoozer, PhD., Snooze U.


“I was well on my way to dreamland by the final beautiful page. I can think of no sleepier praise for this book.”

            – Dr. Petunia P. Pipplesnore, Editor, “The Snore Report”


“Kids will hate this book. Parents, not so much. Sleep is nearly instantaneous by the end…”

            – Snoozanna S. Somnolent, President, Sleepyheads Anonymous


Psst…. wait, there’s more…

Here are just two more kid-reviews of “Night-night, Body” that are flying in from all over the galaxy:


“I hate this book! When I want to stay up late, it sends me right to sleep! No fair! Pete and Ted are the worst!”

  • Danny Getz-Drowsee, 3rd Grader, New York City, NY (the city that never sleeps!)


“I love this book! It shuts my noisy-nosy little brother right up so I can Instagram my friends all night. “Night-night, Body” is totally soporific!” (I learned that last word in Language Arts class today!)

  • Nevah Getz-Drowsee, Grade 7. (Danny’s sister.) NYC, NY
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