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Ted’s New Picture Book!

Ted’s New Picture Book!

On April 19th, 2022, Ted’s new, beautiful going-to-bed picture book, “Night-night, Body” hits the streets–the best bedtime book in a generation. Check it out!

Ted’s gently-rolling rhymes combine with Pete Gergely’s smilingly-delicious watercolors to take you and your tired body parts on a very sleepy trip around the world, ending in the inner-outer space of dreamland, whether you like it or not. Say “Night-night” to all your body parts, from toes to top, and travel to 15 different countries as you do.

It absolutely works for grown-ups as well as their caretaker kiddos. Give it a try. Snuggle into your cozy-wozy bed tonight and read it aloud. Every night. Softly. Not hardly. Before you know it it’s …zzzzzzzzzzzz… Night-night, body!

This treasure of a book includes fun questions at the end, designed to extend discussions (the next morning, of course), and also has a fun website ( where you can learn about bedtime habits around the world, and the importance of sleep.

Night-night, Body will quickly become your go-to bedtime book, for a long time. It’s nearly guaranteed sleep-inducing for ages 2 to 102.

Here’s what just a few sleep experts are saying about the book:

“Ted and Pete are brilliant. This book knocked me out. My best sleep in years!”

            – Prof. Timmy T. Ticklesnoozer, PhD., Snooze U.


“I was well on my way to dreamland by the final beautiful page. I can think of no sleepier praise for this book.”

            – Dr. Petunia P. Pipplesnore, Editor, “The Snore Report”


“Kids will hate this book. Parents, not so much. Sleep is nearly instantaneous by the end…”

            – Snoozanna S. Somnolent, President, Sleepyheads Anonymous


Psst…. wait, there’s more…

Here are just two more kid-reviews of “Night-night, Body” that are flying in from all over the galaxy:


“I hate this book! When I want to stay up late, it sends me right to sleep! No fair! Pete and Ted are the worst!”

  • Danny Getz-Drowsee, 3rd Grader, New York City, NY (the city that never sleeps!)


“I love this book! It shuts my noisy-nosy little brother right up so I can Instagram my friends all night. “Night-night, Body” is totally soporific!” (I learned that last word in Language Arts class today!)

  • Nevah Getz-Drowsee, Grade 7. (Danny’s sister.) NYC, NY

A cool new website–GiggleVerse!

My amazing friend (and super-cool poet) Kenn Nesbitt has lovingly created a new website that features a new poem every day (or almost) plus information about the poet. I am honored to have a pile of my poems featured on the website. It was launched on April 1, 2020 (April Fool’s Day!), and just in time to provide laughs for all of us while we have to stay inside for this nasty virus thingy. Check it out. And keep laughing!

Amazing new anthology from National Geographic!

Yippee! I’m thrilled to have two fun poems in the wowie-zowie-new poetry anthology just out from National Geographic called, “The Poetry of US.” Like it’s predecessor from 2015, “National Geographic’s Nature Poetry,” in which I had a poem about Ayres Rock in Australia, this new anthology focuses on the special aspects of America, all it’s glory, stars, stripes, and spots. The book is edited by my friend, Pat Lewis. What an amazing effort!

Here’s an amazon link to both:

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