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Ted’s Poster Art

Like many of you, I love to doodle and sketch, but I never have enough time to do it. Nor will I ever illustrate one of my own books (thanks for asking). I’m just not that good at it, really, and it takes so much time. Besides, I’d much rather write and leave the illustration to Pete Lourie, whose photographs are always ‘knock-outs!’ Don’t you think?

But every year, before I head out on the road to visit schools (like maybe yours!), I sketch and color a new poster for the front of my super-duper ‘iEasel.’ As I explain, this easel is the latest thing—way cooler and bigger than any tablet computer. And it’s way more fun to use. Ha!

So here, for your viewing pleasure, are some home-captured photos of the images that are currently resting happily on the front few pages of my ‘iEasel.’ Each poster expresses, in a slightly different way, what I feel about poems—that they are almost as delicious as chocolate. I have listed them by the school year for which they were drawn. You may click on any of the posters below to make them larger.


(PS: If you like to draw, keep your pencil, markers and paints dancing and playing!)

Poetry Rocks - 2013

Poetry Rocks – 2013

Poetry Shakes Stuff Up - 2012

Poetry Shakes Stuff Up – 2012

Poems Launch Laughs and Tears – 2011-2012

Poetry is Both Hot and Cool – 2010-2011

Poetry Scores – 2009-2010

Poetry Tickles the World – 2008-2009

Poetry Knocks Your Socks Off – 2007-2008

Poetry Opens Eyes – 2006-2007

Poetry is a Circus of Words – 2005-2006

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