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Kids & Aliens

Young Poets

This Young Poets’ Page is dedicated to young poets everywhere (or to those of you who are interested in poems but may not have written one yet).

Want to Read a Great Poem? (Maybe It’s Yours!)

Click the “Great Kid Poems!” button to the left to read some awesome poems from kids around the world. Maybe yours is already there! The poems are posted by the month and year I receive them.

Send Me One of Your Best Poems!

I love to read your poems—almost as much as I enjoy writing my own! If you are aged 5 to 11 (Grades K to 6 in the US) and you’d like to send me one (just one) of your very best poems so I can publish it here on my web site for all the world to read and enjoy, then check out the poem-sending rules (click the “Submit a Poem” button to the left) before you send it.

Want Some Great Poetry Writing Tips?

Click the “Writing Tips” button to the left for ten super-duper tips (at least I think they are) for writing delightful poems and stories. These are tips for all ages, but especially for young writers, like you!

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