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Full name:

Luigi Fettuccine Alfredo Scheu


In New York City (and sometimes in Venice, Italy when NYC gets hot.)


Owner of several fine Italian restaurants in New York.

Favorite Hobby:

Filling in for his cousin Ted reading the Poem of the Day.

Favorite ice cream flavors:

Chocolate Gelato and Lemon Italian Ice (duh)

Ted's Thoughts About Luigi:


Next to my Russian cousin Boris, Luigi is my most friendly and generous cousin. I love the excitement and energy he brings to everything he does in life. He loves being with people—the more the better—and he loves telling his stories to anyone who will listen. And, wow, does he ever love kids, even though he doesn’t have any kids of his own. Family is everything for Luigi.

Luigi is, as you have noticed, a very proud Italian-American. He deeply loves his country (America), and he loves “the old country” (Italy) too. He travels to Venice often, as you can see in some of his videos. He was born in East Boston, but moved to New York City when he was pretty young to be a chef. I guess that explains why his accent is a combination of those two cities’ tongues.

Luigi owns and runs two of the best Italian restaurants in New York. When I ask him about it, he just smiles broadly. When I am lucky enough to eat a meal with him at one his restaurants, he seems to know everyone, and we always eat the best food and get the best service, for obvious reasons: he’s the boss! People just love serving Luigi and being with him! When the food comes out, it’s a celebration of life. Luigi always bellows “buon appetito!” and we dig in. Come join us sometime.

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