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Full name:

Guy Roland Edouard Albert Thierry Scheu


In Paris, France (where else?)


Professional Frenchman

Favorite Hobby:

Filling in for his cousin Ted reading the Poem of the Day.

Favorite ice cream flavors:

Any French ice cream. Other ice creams don’t cut it.

Ted's Thoughts About Guy:


I would not even try to describe Guy to you. I’ll let him do it:

“Merci, Ted. That is a good decision—unusual for you.

Bonjour! I am Guy Roland Edouard Albert Thierry Scheu, American poet Ted Scheu’s much smarter and more sophisticated French cousin. You’ll notice, if you are paying attention, that if you take the first letters of my name it spells “GREAT” Scheu. Naturellement, I am French, and France, after all, is the cultural center of the galaxy. The fact that my cousin, Ted Scheu, calls himself “That Poetry Guy” is rich. Ha! Makes me laugh. I am the only true “Poetry Guy.” It is my name, and, bien sûr, poetry—especially romantic poetry—is in my Parisian blood.

I don’t find my cousin’s poems very funny, but if you do, you are allowed to have a ‘different’ sense of humor, I suppose. Since my cousin Ted is a pleasant enough man, and also speaks a little French (or tries to), then I have agreed to occasionally read one of his poems in his website. I’m sure you will find my readings to be far superior to Ted or any of our bizarre cousins. How they happen to be cousins of mine is beyond my understanding.

À bientôt,


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