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Billy Beau-Bob

Full name:

Beaumont B. Beauregard IV (Nickname: Billy Beau-Bob)


South of Broad, Charleston, South Carolina


Good Old Boy

Favorite Hobby:

Filling in for his cousin Ted reading the Poem of the Day.

Favorite ice cream flavors:

Mint Julep, Pecan Pie, CoCola

Ted's Thoughts About Billy:


Billy Beau-Bob only hears his formal name used when he visits his 92 year-old Mama and she’s not very happy with him. She’ll howl, “Beaumont B. Beauregard IV, what have you done this time?” Otherwise it’s strictly “Billy Beau-Bob” with his friends like you and me.

Billy Beau-Bob is probably my smartest cousin. He may not always sound like it, but he was once a rocket scientist and astronaut for NASA. He never made it into space because of a bad knee that he got playing football at Clemson, but he still can out-run and out-think me any old day.

He keeps a bunch of thoroughbred quarter-horses (and a few half-horses and three-quarter horses) at his farm just north of Charleston.

Billy Beau-Bob loves poetry, as you can probably tell by the energy he throws into his Poems of the Day videos, when he fills in for me. I don’t see him nearly enough.

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